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NLB problems after upgrading drivers on BL460c

Occasional Contributor

NLB problems after upgrading drivers on BL460c

I was just wondering whether anyone else is experiencing the same issue as we are currently seeing.
We have a Blade 7000 enclosure with BL460c servers. They are running Windows 2003. We have 4 servers running IIS that have been configured for NLB.

On Friday I updated the NC373i Multifunction Gigabit drivers from version to version
Since then we have experienced strange problems when accessing our website over the NLB address.
Sometimes it will work fine, other times it will only load some of the components on the page and other times it will return a 'host not found' message.

I know it must be network load balancing as if I change the firewall to point directly to a physical host it works perfectly.

I'm going to try and roll back the drivers to see if this helps however I'm reluctant to do so as we were getting BSOD quite frequently. I updated the NIC drivers, NIC firmware, BIOS firmware, SAS drivers and SAS firmware.
Over the weekend we didn't get any more BSOD.

I think the BSOD was fixed by the SAS drivers and firmware after reading other articles found on these forums and the internet.