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Windows 2003 R2 Std Server - HP DL385 G2 hardware

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Windows 2003 R2 Std Server - HP DL385 G2 hardware

One of my Clients needs me to commission a full investigation of their Corporate Server, technology below;
The following server was an active node of the VCS. It runs every 3-5 days and face serious performance issues. The IT came to know when users called to advise that they lost the Network shares, the IT tried RDP but no luck. Then logged in using ILO but didn’t find any issues at the OS level. Later the machine was rebooted but had the "blue screen of death". As soon as this server face the performance issue, the passive node takes over and runs fine with no issues at all.

Current Setup:
File Server across 2 nodes on separate sites running VERITAS Cluster Server VCS 5.1. The 2 sites have fibre connectivity in between. It has Windows 2003 on active node and Windows 2003 storage server on passive node.
The current server is running VCS 5.1 and its a client of Endpoint Protection, NetBackup 6.5 agent, File Services, FTP and target of Enterprise Vault.

There is Fibre channel attached HDS storage presented to the Server via the brocade switches.

Thank you for all your responses with recommendations!

Re: Windows 2003 R2 Std Server - HP DL385 G2 hardware



You mentioned BSOD... that could be pointer to any software or hardware issue.


Any specific Stop code that you have recieved with this BSOD. Any hardware logs such as IML indicates any problem?


Best way to troubleshoot the performance issue from the hardware troubleshooting perspective is to compare server logs of these two identical servers to check software, driver and firmware levels and run the offline diagnostic on affected to check hardware issues.


If you server is still under warranty/contract then You may share the logs from both the server with HP support for them to analyze and share the action plan.


hope this helps,



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