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Can't access LO100i on DL140

New Member

Can't access LO100i on DL140

I have a DL140 set up and LO100i interface is connected to the network. On the same network I have several other DL385 with iLO and iLO2.

While iLO(iLO2) interfaces come up on dhcp I can't seem to access the iLO100i interface in any way. Anyone can tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

What more on the initial boot sequence of DL385 I can hit F8 to access ilo's configuration menu where I can define a static address: is there something similar for LO100i ?


New Member

Re: Can't access LO100i on DL140

I'll answer myself here: in order to guess the dhcp address of the LO100i interface I nmapped the subnet looking for addresses with open ports http and https.
This is wrong as LO100i comes only on port 80 and telnet. Once I nmapped for the correct ports I found out the address easily.