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Changing RILOE password.

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Changing RILOE password.

Long story short.

Due to security reasons the powers that be decided to enforce a dual-control password for all the RILOE cards under our control. No, I don't understand their reasoning either but that's another story.

The guy that held the first part of the password was ceremoniously fired due to, shall we say, improper activities. Since then the servers have changed hands to our group and we're left with the second half of the password and nothing else.

I am aware that I could change them during a scheduled reboot cycle, but that's at 1am and there are other problems such as half the servers being 600 km away in completely different city.

The question is this: Is it possible to change the password on these things without a) being logged into them but logged into the server through a termial client or remote desktop or b) having to stand in front of each one and doing it during the reboot cycle?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Changing RILOE password.

Hi Tokyo Skippy,

If you are using the RILOE I Card we will not be able to do it remotely.

Check the following fourm to reset the RILOE I Card:

If you are using RILOE II Card we will be able to reset the password using from windows: Check the poat by Ramesh Naik

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Re: Changing RILOE password.

Actually I found the answer after doing a little bit of more searching.

Thanks anyway.