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HPILO cmdlets not in ISE on Win10

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Occasional Contributor

HPILO cmdlets not in ISE on Win10

I have just been given a new PC and LT with Windows 10.  I installed the HPILO cmdlets and they work fine in the normal PowerShell window.  However, they are not showing in the ISE console.

I tested this by typing "help get-hpilo*" in both environments.  In the normal PS window, it returned the list of all of the cmdlets starting with "Get-HPILO".  In the ISE environment it returns nothing.

This was not an issue when I had my Win7 boxes.  How do I get the ISE to see the cmdlets?


Occasional Contributor

Re: HPILO cmdlets not in ISE on Win10

Well, I figured it out.  After trying to re-load the module, I realized that the Repair function of the .MSI said that there were registry enteries.  Since many reg entries are only invoked at boot, I restarted both boxes.  Now the HPILO cmdlets work on both of my machines.