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hponcfg /s HOW TO

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hponcfg /s HOW TO

its not documentated yet but pretty simble.

Just wrap on of the existing values in the xml files in % sings like
<%IP_ADDRESS% value=""/>
then call the executeable
hponcfg /w test.xml /s IP_ADDRESS=

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Re: hponcfg /s HOW TO

see above
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Re: hponcfg /s HOW TO

Variable substitution using '/s' option in HPONCFG :

HPONCFG version 1.2 onwards allows you to specify variables in the XML RIBCL script and to assign values to those variables when HPONCFG is executed. This feature would help to avoid re-writing the file containing the XML script every time with different values. Any thing enclosed in between two â %â characters in the XML file is considered as a variable.
In the example XML script below, %username%, %loginname% and %password% are variables.

Values for these variables can be specified at execution time using â substituteâ option. The argument to the option must be a string of variable name and value pairs separated by delimiter â ,â (comma). The variable name and its value must be separated by â =â (equals).

HPONCFG /f add_user.xml /s username=â test userâ ,login=â testloginâ ,password=testpasswd