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iLO 1.80 firmware features

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iLO 1.80 firmware features

iLO 1.80 firmware is now available for download. It supports these new features if iLO Advanced is licensed:

- Support for Smart Card (two-factor) authentication.

- Support for Directory Integration without extending the base schema. For instance, the "administrators" group in AD can be used as an iLO group. This does not used the MMC snap-ins, either. The directory support component has also been updated to incorporate this mode.

- Support for power regulator monitoring where supported. This feature allows systems to conserve power when idle by switching to a lower power mode. The wattage saved can add up in a data center.

These are explained in detail in updated documentation here:

and here:
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Re: iLO 1.80 firmware features

Thanks for the summary. All good features.
I think I also saw that 1.80 supports Firefox browser.