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iLO 2 incorrect power readings on DL360G5


iLO 2 incorrect power readings on DL360G5


Yesterday I updated iLO2 from version 1.60 to 1.70 (5 Dec 08, cp009856.exe) on a DL360G5 (P58 BIOS, single E5405 i.e. only one processor state, P400i/local disks). I have an iLO 2 Advanced Licence installed.

Now, when I view the Power Meter Readings, I see the power as 78W whereas previously it was showing about 230W. Much as it would be nice that a firmware up makes such a significant saving in power ;) I have measured the AC power and it is still consuming 200+W.

I've looked at the 1.70(B) (2 Feb 09) Linux package on the HP website - the "Fixes" section says "Improved the gathering if historical power consumption data" which could be in this area though doesn't actually suggest current power measurement is wrong (it also says you don't need it if you have already installed 1.70).

Has anyone else seen a similar issue?


Re: iLO 2 incorrect power readings on DL360G5

Just to let you know I've fixed this now.

Firstly I tried reverting to iLO 1.61 but that didn't help. Then I realised that the BIOS was actually P58 1/24/08 (i.e. Jan 08) and so quite old, especially given the changes to power management. I upgraded to the latest (11/02/08, 2 Nov 08) and then powered down and removed the AC from the server (in case there's some electronic measurement in the power supply that needed resetting). After rebooting it showed the correct power consumption (i.e. with iLO 1.61); I have since upgraded to 1.70 and the power reading still appears to be correct.