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Re: iLo activation DL360 G6

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iLo activation DL360 G6

I have a DL360 G6 and the remote console part of iLo that says it needs an activation key. I have DL380 G6’s that were purchased at the same time that did not ask for an activation key in order to use iLo.
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Re: iLo activation DL360 G6

All iLO processors need an Advanced License in order to use remote console. Just because you didn't apply a license doesn't mean that a license wasn't applied previous (perhaps if you bought from a reseller or ordered via Factory Express they did it before you saw it). If you visit the license page on the server, you'll see the license that was applied.
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Re: iLo activation DL360 G6

agree with Claypool,

check the ILO2 FAQ for any extra question you may have