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ILO Kerberos Sign-In Issues

Frequent Advisor

ILO Kerberos Sign-In Issues


I tried using this video guide to configure kerberos integration for one of our ILO's:

Unfortunately it does not seem to be working.  A diagnostic tests says the following:

Directory Server DNS Name: Success

Ping Directory Server: Success

Connect to Directory Server: Success

Bind to Directory Server: Success

Directory Administrator Login: Success

User Authorization: Success

Directory User Contexts: Success


I have a suspicion that this error is causing my problem:

Connect using SSL  Success  Certificate subject OK, verify OK, error code 27 (certificate not trusted), Subject /CN=xxxx.xx.xxxx.xxxx Issued By /DC=root/DC=xxxx/CN=XXXCA1 


But - how do I go about making the certificate so that it is trusted?

The ILO already has a certificate installed from the same CA which is used by the Directory Server.

Any clues?


Frequent Advisor

Re: ILO Kerberos Sign-In Issues

Just to follow up on this.

It looks like almost everything is working as expected, but for some reason it's not able to confirm that the login being used is a member of the appropriate group.

If I deliberately enter a bad password when doing the test then it fails on many of the tests; but when you enter valid credentials everything passes apart from this:

User Authentication  Warning  Test user not authenticated, or does not have login rights. 

Quite strange.  Any ideas would be welcomed.


Re: ILO Kerberos Sign-In Issues

Try doing these things.

1. log out of the SUT..

2. Clear the DNS  Cache at the Server & restart the DNS

3.  Now  at the SUT  use Alt+ Crtl+ Delete & login..

Using Alt+Crtl+ Delete, it will basically create a new Ticket & it will fix the issue.. 

Make Sure at the iLO , below things must be set correctly.

Refere  the link : 


Please do check all  Time of all Client , Server & ILO must be in sync.. i had this issue if any 1 is not in sync