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ILO Virtual Media Copy Speed

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ILO Virtual Media Copy Speed

We've recently installed a new Blade infrastructure, and I'm setting up the first blade via Ilo (haven't setup RDP yet).

The transfer speeds when accessing CD's via virtual media is ... bad. It is the same when I access an ISO image.

Is this normal / why ? I'm running newest firmware across the board. Blade is a BL20P in an Enhanced Chassis. Connection is via network through the shared Ilo port.

Do you know Prov0?
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Re: ILO Virtual Media Copy Speed

Sounds like exepcted virtual media performance.

iLO virtual CD is accomplished by simulating a USB CD-ROM drive connected to the host.

iLO retrieves the image data from the virtual media applet or scripting using the URL-based image file.

Since there is not much buffering involved, the performance is not great because of the number of steps involved.

Your virtual media performance is fastest when using an .iso image served to iLO using the "scripted virtual media" capability.

Re: ILO Virtual Media Copy Speed

Thanks acartes, I had assumed it was the USB thing, but still thought it would be a bit faster.

Do you know Prov0?