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ILO2 Virtual Media not auto loaded in Win2008R2


ILO2 Virtual Media not auto loaded in Win2008R2

Wondering if anyone else has run into the following issue.

Multiple platforms (DL380 G5/G6 + more)
PSP 8.30
Firmware 8.60
Windows 2008 R2 x64

When loading virtual media via the ILO (by script, applet, or integrated console) the media does not appear in the OS. I have to go into Device Manager and "Scan for Hardware Changes" before PnP kicks and loads the media (or a reboot will do it). PnP service is configured as Automatic and running, the ILO VM load just doesn't seem to trigger it. Same servers with Windows 2003 on them load the media as expected.

Anybody else run into this? Solution?