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Re: iLO3 UUID, Serial, ROMs unknown

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iLO3 UUID, Serial, ROMs unknown


I have an old DL360G7 that's having issues with iLO missing some of the system's information.

UUID, Serial, System ROM, and backup ROM all display 'unknown'.  Additionally, the system information section shows 'data unavailable' for CPU and memory sections.  

Things I've tried to correct the problem:

  • resetting iLO
  • factory resetting iLO
  • firmware update from 1.91 to 1.92
  • removing server power
  • verified in BIOS that product and serial are correct

Does anyone know any other steps I could try?



Re: iLO3 UUID, Serial, ROMs unknown

Hello Team,

please try to clear the NV RAM , update the latest G7 PSP


Naresh Sharma

I am an HPE Employee.

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Re: iLO3 UUID, Serial, ROMs unknown

Thanks, I had not tried that yet.

My first attempt at reseting the system were not sucessful.  I set the maintenance switch to 6, but after reconnecting the power, I could not get the system to boot.  I eventually returned it to off and booted the system.  I'll try again today.

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Re: iLO3 UUID, Serial, ROMs unknown


After setting the maintenance switch again and booting the sytem and letting it run for a couple of minutes, I returned the system to normal and noticed a few things had been reset in the BIOS and the system did a memory test, but nothing else.

Should iLO be completely factory reset when clearing NVRAM? 

How can you tell if you successfully cleared NVRAM?

An addition issue is this error:

ERROR: The Power Manager is uninitialized. Please restart the server to retrieve power configuration from initial POST.

It does not get cleared when restarting or power resetting the server.