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RILOE version ?

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RILOE version ?

I have a RILOE in server in Europe. It keeps sending alerts to our IM server and paging that it's in Major status, then shortly after that it's normal.

When I check it all status is green. The only issue I can see with it is that within the Device Home page, under RILOE/General Info, the keyboard says disconnected and the Interface Status is Not Responding. However, at the bottom under Self Test Results everything (Memory, Keyboard Interface, NVRAM Interface, NVRAM Read/Write/Verify, NIC and Mouse) is green.

I'm not sure of the version of the RILOE (I or II), I'm including some specifics so that those that know may be able to tell.

Model: Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition
Hardware Version: 5.0
Serial Number: P432A0GFFNA5ZR
ROM Version: 2.41 - 8/27/2001

Thanks for your help.

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Re: RILOE version ?

Sorry, I just realized the subject doesn't match the issue.
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Re: RILOE version ?

Hy all

I have exactly the same problem.
can anyone help us?

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Re: RILOE version ?

this is a RILOE I card. The latest firmware is version 2.53A. This might fix some of those false positives. And by the way, the firmware is dated March ' you can probably tell that this is a discontinued product.
Ed Cox