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Anybody experience monitoring Dell iDRAC 7 in SIM ?

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Anybody experience monitoring Dell iDRAC 7 in SIM ?



Is there anybody who has experience monitoring Dell iDRAC devices in SIM ? I've spent many hours to get this but until now I didn't succeed.  Using procedure
 and the latest zipped MIB packages DCMIB71 until DCMIB73, it doesn't work.


If I use the iDRAC-MIB.TXT of DCMIB71, the procedure works, the iDRAC 7device sends the traps to HPSIM, but the information is very rudimentary (see screenshot). Moreover, when I disconnect one of the power cables, SIM gets the traps but the hardware status of the iDRAC remains green instead of orange.


If I use the iDRAC-SMIv1.MIB of DCMIB73, I can select iDRAC-SMIv1.MIB in the MIB definition file name, but I didn't get the MIB variable names in this file.


Can anyone help ?