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Bi Weekly Data Collection

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Bi Weekly Data Collection

I have 4 servers that are failing in the bi weekly data collection. I thought that they may be failing due to the backup running, causing bandwidth errors so I ran them during a weekend day when very is very little happening and they still failed. I receive the following error in the results windows.

[SNMP] This system failed to respond to SNMP in the timeout interval.
Root Cause: The system is no longer running SNMP, or the agent is responding more slowly than the timeout value set for the system.
Corrective Action: Check network and configuration of target system. Try adjusting the SNMP timeout value for the system in the System Protocol Settings page. Verify the SNMP read community has not changed. Rerun Data Collection.

Data collection on this system was aborted due to a timeout or it was abruptly stopped. Data may be incomplete.
Root Cause: Data collection on the target system has taken longer than allowed. This can be due to network connectivity issues, a busy target system, or timeout values set too low.
Corrective Action: Check network and configuration of target system. Check the following settings (and adjust values as needed) using mxglobalsettings: Detached_DC_Timeout, Storage_DC_Timeout, DC_Abandon_Latency (all in seconds)

SNMP is running fine. How Do I check and adjust the settings for Detached_DC_Timeout, Storage_DC_Timeout, DC_Abandon_Latency?
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Re: Bi Weekly Data Collection

Hi mwalders

You can navigate to HP SIM installed directory. For eg C:\Program Files\HP\System Insight Manager\Config\mxglobalsettings.props.

Open the file in note pad. Find the above parameters and you define the timeout for those.

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Re: Bi Weekly Data Collection

Did you ever find a real resolution to this, or what setting to change?

I just upgraded a few servers to PSP 8.40 and now my Data Collection (HP SIM 6) to those servers is getting this error on almost all of them.