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Blade Discovery


Blade Discovery

I have 14 enclosures, and in a few of them, the blades are not being added at all to the appropriate enclosure under HP BladeSystem/All c-Class Enclosures, but if I go to All Systems I can find them.


When I run a discovery on those devices that are not being added, they are completing, but here is the log.


********* Significant issues and overall target discovery/identification
Normal:   SIM identification cannot get the logical serial number and UUID
          from the iLO XML data. This is expected when a server blade has no
          profile assigned. It may also be caused by an iLO or VC firmware
Normal:   The system has valid hardware data (model, serial number, and
          unique identifier) and has been identified properly for SIM to
Normal:   System(s) have been successfully identified.

********* Additional results (listed for information only):

        * Starting identification process...
        * Checking for known running web servers...
        * Checking for SNMP protocol support on system...
Normal:   The system responded to an SNMP request; it supports SNMP Protocol
          and has a valid read community string.
        * Checking for SNMPv3 protocol support on system...
Minor:    Global SNMPv3 Identification is disabled.
        * Running HP ProLiant management agent identification...
Normal:   This system is a management processor; attempting to get associated
          server information.
        * Running SNMP base cluster identification using common cluster
Normal:   The system is identified as management processor, skipping SNMP
          cluster identification.
        * Checking for WBEM protocol support on system...
Normal:   The system is not a server so skipping WBEM identification.
        * Running WBEM rules based identification...
Normal:   The system is not a server so skipping WBEM identification.
        * Running Virtual Machine (VM) Host (non HP Integrity VM Host)
Normal:   The system is not a VM Host (non HP Integrity VM Host), or WBEM
          credentials may not be specified so skipping VM Identification.
        * Running Storage identification...
        * Did not detect the WBEM protocol support on this system. SMI
          storage identification will be skipped.
        * Storage identification completed.
        * Running HP NetServer identification...
Normal:   System does does not have the NetServer SNMP agents installed.
        * Running HP-UX SNMP identification...
Normal:   System does not have the HP-UX SNMP agents installed.
        * Running OA Identifier which will discover systems in an enclosure
          if the automatic enclosure discovery option for OA is enabled...
Normal:   The system is not an Onboard Administrator, skipping automatic
          discovery of systems in the enclosure.
        * Running XMLReply Identifier which will discover systems in a
          rack/enclosure if the automatic discovery option for the container
          node is enabled...
        * Running iLO Identifier which will discover the server if the
          automatic server discovery option for iLO is enabled...
Normal:   The bare-metal server will be added because the automatic server
          discovery option for iLO is enabled.
        * Running p-Class Identifier...
Normal:   The system is not a p-Class so skipping p-Class identification.
        * Running IPMI protocol identification...
Normal:   Skipping IPMI discovery. System is logical device.
        * Running SSH Protocol identification...
Normal:   This system has SSH protocol support.
        * Running SSH Identification...
Normal:   The system can be logged in using SSH protocol; has a valid SSH
        * Running WS-Man identification...
Major:    WS-Management(WS-Man) is globally disabled so skipping WS-Man
        * Running Monarch OA Identification...
Normal:   The system is not a monarch OA so skipping monarch OA
        * Checking for System Management Homepage and other HP web agents...
Normal:   The system is not a server, storage or desktop. Skipping the check
          for System Management Homepage.
        * Running HP Serviceguard Identification...
Normal:   The system is not part of HP Serviceguard cluster.
        * Running SNMP System Type manager ...
Normal:   No matching SNMP System Type Manager rule for sysObjID was found.
        * Running SNMP subtypes identification...
        * No additional subtype(s) found from SNMP.
        * Resolving DNS names...
Normal:   The fully qualified domain name was successfully resolved for the
        * Checking if the Node is a Virtual Center...
Normal:   Skipping MxVirtualCenter Identifier.
        * Checking if this system is supported by Insight Control power
        * System is a management processor that supports Insight Control
          power management.
        * Running Virtual Machine Management (VMM) Plug-in Identification...
        * Building system relationships...
Minor:    The Secure Shell key-based access authentication is not configured
          on the system(s).
Minor:    System Management Homepage (SMH) is not installed or is not
          responding on the system(s).
        * Running system Manage Communication diagnosis...
        * System identification finished on system.