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CMS seems to be referencing <oldservername>\mxadmin. Where can I change this?

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CMS seems to be referencing <oldservername>\mxadmin. Where can I change this?

Long story short. Originally installed SIM on a new target CMS, imported from the old CMS, and then changed the server name to match the source CMS.

Something didn't seem right, so I removed all of it and decided to start clean with new install on renamed server.

New database file on remote SQL server and then imported my export again.

Seemed to install fine. No errors. Things seems to be working. However, I noticed some things and decided to change the schedule of a task. I checked a few different taks to see if consistent.

I get the following error:

"Could not find a user named "<tempCMSname>\mxadmin" in the HP Systems Insight Manager database.


Cause: Possibly the name was not typed in correctly or another user removed the item being looked for.


Resolution: Verify that the name entered is correct. In the case of a recent discovery, try waiting a little longer for the system to appear."



I don't want this to cause unnoticable problems and want it to reference <newCMSname>\mxadmin and have absolutely no reference to the temp CMS name anywhere.

Preferably without rebuilding.


Where can I do this and did I miss some step along the way?