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Customize email notification in HP SIM

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Customize email notification in HP SIM


I would like to customize the email sent though the Automatic Event Handling whenever there is an event.

For example, the default email for a cold start would be:

Event Name: (SNMP) Cold Start
URL: https://URL
Event originator: servername
Event Severity: Informational
Event received: 11-Nov-2009, 09:39:23
Event description: A coldStart trap signifies that the sending protocol entity is reinitializing itself such that the agent``s configuration or the protocol entity implementation may be altered.

I would like to add the System Site Information and Customer contact that was set for that server under System Properties.. How can I accomplish this?


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Re: Customize email notification in HP SIM

The only way I've found to customise e-mails is to use the custom command option and script it.
HP SIM passes a number of variables to the called procedure, these can be used and formatted as required.
The details of what's in the variables are in the HP SIM Technical Reference Guide go to and use the link to the reference library.
I've used perl in the past to customise and send e-mails. Blat is a nice smtp mailer that can be invoked as part of the script.