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Delay alerts

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Delay alerts

Hi All


I'm wondering if there is a way in SIM (7.4) to set the alerting to a threshold, where if the system is unresponsive for 2 polling periods, then send the alert.

We have systems that may come and go throughout the night for various reasons, but they are usually only unavailable for one polling period, which sucks at 2am.

I'm not really up with how ti use SIM to a high level so any assistance with this would be great, or should i be using the SIM plugin for SCOM where i can set these sorts of thresholds (as far as I have been told)

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Re: Delay alerts



No that's not an option. The polling won't trigger allerts traps create events.

jobs that run on the SIM server don't have an option to create events. You could use an external log grabber to monitor the SIM logfiles. That brabber would then wait for a duplicate event but from SIM, no...

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