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Discovery of servers in HP SIM

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Discovery of servers in HP SIM



I have installed HP SIM servers.

Now I need to discover 100 physical servers in HP SIM with different IP but in same IP range.


How I can discovery only HP Physical servers as while discovery servers with specifying whole range, its discovering all NON HP servers and virtual machines also.


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Re: Discovery of servers in HP SIM

For most non-HP hardware, your discovery will not be 100% complete, so it is easiest just to discover everything on your subnet, and delete the non-HP hardware later.  The non-HP servers may show up as "Unknown" or "Unmanaged".  You can set up a special collection to find these.  I do this to find broken agents and machines that did not discover properly so I can fix them (filter on the attribute of 'Unknown' and 'Unmanaged' for Sytem Type).


To exclude VMs, there is a setting in the discovery options.  Just un-check the "Automatically discover VM guest(s) when the host is identified" option.