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Enhanced Reports : Asking for DB Password

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Enhanced Reports : Asking for DB Password

Hi all


I'm running HP SIM 7.3 (upgraded from 7.2). Whenever I try to access Enhanced Reports, it's asking me for a set of database logon credentials (which I don't know).


I found a KB article on this, but it just said that this was a known issue in v7.2 and below, but was fixed in 7.3, which it quiet obviously isn't (it may be because this was upgraded from 7.2 and not a clean install of 7.3)


Does anyone know of a fix / workaround?


Cheers in advance



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Re: Enhanced Reports : Asking for DB Password

Ok, I found a fix (search is my friend :-P)


1. Open the reports.xml file at the following locations and change the timestamp.
<SIM Installation directory> /config/preload/XX/addfiles/reports.xml
<SIM Installation directory> /config/preload-plugins/XX/<plugin name>/addfiles/reports.xml
Enter a space at the end of each file to update the timestamp.
2. Close and save the file.
3. Go to the command prompt and execute the mxconfigrefresh command.


The origonal thread I found this advice on mentioned to just modify those files in the /config/preload/6X/addfiles/ folders, but I had to modify every single one of the files in all of the sub folders under the preload and preload-plugins folders

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Re: Enhanced Reports : Asking for DB Password

A million kudos to you brother!!!  What a simple fix.