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Executing HPSIM from new user account


Executing HPSIM from new user account

I'm added a new Windows user account on the CMS. I've added the user environment in HPSIM. When I log onto the Administrator account in Windows and log on to HPSIM as the new user, everything works as expected.


When I log into the CMS as the new user, the HPSIM shortcut is white and when I try to bring up HPSIM it says there is not sufficirent privledge. I went to the \Program FIles\HP\Systems Insight Manager and opened the folder up so the short cut could get to the HPSIM executable. Now HPSIM gets past the permission error and now it displays "UNKNOWN ERROR"


The HPSIM User doc's don't seem to cover this senario, I assume because there is something I obviously missed in creating a new windows user. I just don't know what that is... Any pointers?

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Re: Executing HPSIM from new user account

Is this resolved or you are still facing issue?