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failed to create indication subscription on HPUX-11.11

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failed to create indication subscription on HPUX-11.11

I have all managed nodes with version HPUX-11.11. I want to add these nodes to HPSIM.I have installed all the prerequisites depots required on the managed node.
1. WBEM services-A.02.05.04
2. A.04.00.04 HPUX System Fault Management
3. onlinediag - B.

The managed node gets registered with the WBEM protocol, but when i try to subscrites for the event, it is giving error:

"Failed to create indication subscription"
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Re: failed to create indication subscription on HPUX-11.11

The License/key(Subscription) can indicate unlimited use for a specified period of time or a limited number of seats for that same period of time. The basic time unit encoded in the key is one month. HP SIM considers one month to be 30 days in length.

Has this expired ?

Cheers !
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Re: failed to create indication subscription on HPUX-11.11

On the managed system:
For HP-UX 11.11 and 11.23:
â ¢ WBEMServices A.02.00.09 at a minimum.
Note: Patch is required for both HP-UX 11.11 and 11.23 with WBEM Services A.02.00.09 for HP SIM to manage correctly.
â ¢ PHSS_34428 - 11.11 HP WBEM Services A.02.00.09
â ¢ PHSS_34429 - 11.23 HP WBEM Services A.02.00.09
â ¢ SFM provider module.
1. Run #cimprovider -ls.
2. Verify that the SFMProviderModule is listed.
3. The following must be installed on the system:
â ¢ SysMgmtWeb version A.2.2.2 (HP-UX Web Based System Management User Interface)
â ¢ OpenSSL A.00.09.07e.012 or later
â ¢ WBEMServices A.02.00.09
â ¢ WBEM Services CORE Product OnlineDiag B.11.11.16.xx
â ¢ EMS Version A.04.20
â ¢ STM Version A.49.10
Note: The SFM providers are not available as part of the core operating system on an old
HP-UX 11.11 installation will not work.

Confirm the target system has the correct software installed to support indication subscription and delivery.
1. Navigate to the System Page for the target system.
2. Select the System tab.
3. Expand the Product Description section and verify that WBEM is listed as one of the discovered management protocols.
If WBEM is not listed, confirm the target system has the correct WBEM credentials assigned to the managed system.
a. Navigate to the System Page for the target system.
b. Select the Tools & Links tab.
c. Select System Protocol Settings.
d. Under WBEM Settings, verify the correct credential has been assigned to this system. If it does not have the correct credentials, manually add them and re-identify the system.
If WBEM is discovered, check the following:
â ¢ From the CMS, run mxwbemsub -l -n target name . See the HP SIM 5.1 Command
Line Interface Reference Guide at
management/hpsim/infolibrary.htmlfor examples of using this command.
Additionally, you can use a CIM instance browsing tool to search for the instances created in the CIMOM that represent the subscription.
A. Enumerate instances of CIM_IndicationSubscription on the managed system.
B. View all instances of CIM_IndicationListenerCIMXML and look at their destination URLs to see who subscribed and where they are asking for them to be delivered.
If no subscriptions are found, subscribe to WBEM events for this managed system. If you are still not receiving indications in HP SIM from this managed system after successfully subscribing, continue with step 4. See â Subscribing to WBEM indicationsâ for information on subscribing to WBEM indications.
4. If subscriptions are found, verify the HP SIM CMS is reachable from the target system.
a. From the HP SIM CMS, run mxwbemsub -l -n target name .
b. Review the output received to find the CMS host name string that is used in the Destination property.
c. Use the CMS host name (exactly as it appears) to ping (or run nslookup) from the managed system by running ping Central Management Server host name used in Destination from the command line on the managed system. If this command fails, there is a disconnect in network connectivity or name resolution between the managed system and the CMS.
d. If ping fails, edit the /etc/hosts file and add the CMS per the destination string in the subscription.
Ideally, all systems should be in DNS, but this is not always the case.
e. After ping is successful, telnet from the managed system to telnet CMS host name used in Destination 50004. To exit telnet, execute CTRL +] and enter quit.
Note: If telnet fails, the following error message is displayed Connecting To
localhost...Could not open connection to the host, on port 50004: Connect failed.

Ensure that indications are generated by the managed system After you confirm that connectivity and name resolution are not an issue and you have confirmed that you
have a valid subscription from the CMS, generate a test indication to verify that the HP-UX managed system
can send indication.
HP-UX 11.11 and 11.23
1. From the HP-UX managed system, run /ect/opt/resmon/lbin/send_test_event monitor
name . For example, /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/send_test_event disk_em.
Possible monitor names:
â ¢ dm_memory
â ¢ lpmc_em
â ¢ disk_em
â ¢ dm_chassis
â ¢ dm_core_hw
â ¢ ia64_corehw
â ¢ fpl_em
2. Confirm that the test indication is shown in the HP SIM event table view after you trigger it.
3. Additionally, on the HP-UX managed system, you can run /opt/sfm/bin/evweb eventviewer
-L to verify that indications are generated and received on the local system. This command lists all of the WBEM events that have been generated on the system.

If all of the above troubleshooting tips for WBEM indications on an HP-UX system fail, try to restart the CIMOM using the following solution and retry subscribing to the WBEM indication and following the troubleshooting tips again.
Solution: Stop the HP-UX CIMOM by running /opt/wbem/sbin/cimserver -s, and then restart the HP-UX CIMOM by running /opt/wbem/sbim/cimserver.

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Re: failed to create indication subscription on HPUX-11.11

Thanks James for ur reply !!!
I will try the suggestions given by me & will revert back
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Re: failed to create indication subscription on HPUX-11.11

Are you specifing port 5989 under the managed node's system protocol settings for wbem?
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Re: failed to create indication subscription on HPUX-11.11

Hi james ,

Great tip on SIM and WBEM subs..

please tell me how to use "CIM instance browsing tool" and where can i find it for my CMS..

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Re: failed to create indication subscription on HPUX-11.11

HI ,

The WBEM indicate event is using different port to communicate . The port number is 50004 .Please make sure on the firewall port is open.