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Filter event from a single host

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Filter event from a single host

One of our servers frequently reports a failing fan. Its been looked at and replaced several times but still gives us alerts several times a week.

How do we filter out this alert just from that particular server?

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Re: Filter event from a single host


The same way you would do it for a group of servers : using the automatic event handling feature of HP SIM.

name the task : Fan alert from xxxx clear task
specify the event
select the event in the event category :fan degraded (6035) or fan Failed (6036)choose here the relevant one for your case in the list event category.
select the system from which the event comes from
action : clear event
no time filter

It won't prevent your system from sending the traps to HP SIM but it will clear it on reception. This means that if another fan from your server is failing later on, the alert will be dropped as well for we cannot go down to the fan level in the select of the alert...

Hope it helps

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