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General SIM reporting questions...

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General SIM reporting questions...

Hey everyone..


We're at the end of our SIM deployment here and I'm now working on ways to get data out of SIM to reduce the overal administrative load on managing SIM.  I am also trying to figure out ways to see when certain things are broken so we do not miss events..  


So, does anyone have good ways to set up the following:

- Reports on what systems are not enabled for transport and entitlement for IRSA (besides going to the services page and clicking through all 120 pages of our servers!!)

- Reports on what systems cannot collect warranty information (maybe a collection, but i don't see a condition to sort these out easily, only those that are expiring soon, expired, etc)

- Reports/collections on any systems that are no longer communicating properly with SIM (agents down, SNMP broken, etc), looking for advice on if this should an event collection, and what events.. etc..

- Report to find servers that are missing site and contact details (if you run a report now, SIM only outputs servers that have sites attached, it will skip blanks!).  Using the batchupload dump is the only way i can find to see this information easily, but it is very, very cumbersome since this dumps every component in SIM, not just servers.


We have thousands of devices, and if I have learned anything in our deployment, it's that as things scale up, it becomes much more difficult to manage it all.  I have done a fairly good job automating many tasks and collections, but do not want to babysit SIM and watch the console all day long.


Just looking for suggestions from those that manage large environments..




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Re: General SIM reporting questions...

We are still running SIM 6.3/IRS A.05.70 so this may not work anymore, but there is a way to hack the amount of systems displayed on the Entitlement page from default 14 to up to ~300.


In C:\hp\hpsmh\data\htdocs\isee\xml\isee-gui-configuration.xml change
  <entry key="NUMDEVICESPERPAGE" value="140"/>


Now it is extremely slow to show the list, but at least you get a lot more systems on one page.


If you set it even higher you may run into the PHP memory limit, which should be possible to change by adding

  ini_set('memory_limit', '1G');

to the top of C:\hp\hpsmh\data\htdocs\isee\nusoap\lib\nusoap.php


And then it may time out with the PHP maximum execution time, which can be changed by adding

  ini_set('max_execution_time', '600');

to the top of C:\hp\hpsmh\data\htdocs\isee\isee-entitlement.php



Some system collections we made are

- where contract or warranty expires in 0 days or expired
- where hardware status is Disabled
- where hardware status is Unknown

- where system setting is not System is Remote Supporte Eligible (and system type is not <exclude some unwanted system types here>)

- where system type is server and operating system does not contain Windows and operating system does not contain <some other common vendors in your environment>

- where system type is Unknown or system type is Unmanaged

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Re: General SIM reporting questions...

That's some really good info - thank you. I will check out the remote services display modification and let you know if it works!
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Re: General SIM reporting questions...

Nice! That did it - i actually set the display value to a crazy high number (300) and now i only have 4 pages of servers instead of 114.. that's awesome! I did update the other parameters as well, not sure if they were needed, but to save time I added those memory values. It's worth the wait for the page load for sure..

Many thanks...!!