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HP SIM 5.3 Trap Problem

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HP SIM 5.3 Trap Problem


I have a problem. When an event like a disk or a link failure arrives, this event never stops and I receive the same event every 30 seconds. I have to restart all HP SIM services to stop this behavior.

What is the problem ?
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.3 Trap Problem

Check in the events for the device concerned that you're not getting multiple events. If you are then you need to look at the server and try and determine why its sending the events multiple times - check versions of the PSP etc. ensure they're all up to date.

If it's HP SIM itself generating multiple e-mails or event handling tasks from a single event then you might want to log a call with HP. I've not seen that behaviour. Either way you will need to determine where the issue is being generated, server or SIM.