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HP SIM 7.4 TCP / UDP ports

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HP SIM 7.4 TCP / UDP ports

Hi there,

I realise this question my have been asked before, howerver I cannot find a definitive answer to it.

I have a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 server with HP SIM 7.4 installed on it. Its the CMS.

I have a number of different systems that I need it to "see" and monitor:

Some P2000 G3, MSL 2024, Brocade switches, bladesystem c7000 enclosures, some VLS systems and ESLs.

The systems are spread over a number of different subnets and there are firewalls dotted around. I am unsure of the full network topology at the moment.

My question is, in  order for SIM to report the status and communicate with the end devices, what TCP/UDP ports does it use outboud to the devices? The list needs to be concise and exact, otherwise I cannot get the firewalls configured.


Also, sceond to that question, the server it is going on is a 2 processor (16 core) Intel Zeon with 16gb RAM.

It is currently using around 72% average of its physical memory and the preocesors arent particularly stressed out. There is roughly 4gb RAM free at most times. Is this enough free RAM to run SIM without impacting the servers performance?

Thanks in advance.





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Re: HP SIM 7.4 TCP / UDP ports

For the ports I would follow this document


For server performance I would check out this doc.

Your server performance sounds fine. I would monitor it during daily system idenfication / polling tasks to see how high it spikes.