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HP SIM cannot discover all MSCS cluster nodes.

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HP SIM cannot discover all MSCS cluster nodes.

Hello there, Need some help from you experts!


I'm having a problem with discovering MSCS nodes with HP SIM. I have HP SIM7.1 on Windows 2008 R2, Two nodes MSCS (MSFC) with Windows 2008 R2.
HP SIM unable to register all node information of two MSCS nodes to themselves with discovering process that is included one virtual MSCS host's IP address and two MSCS node's IP addresses.
The discovering process has only found and discovered one virtual MSCS host and one MSCS node of two nodes of MSCS, additionally I confirmed this one discovered node on HP SIM has two IP addresses of all nodes's. I got still same result through deleted all MSCS virtual and nodes servers and re-discovered them on HP SIM.
Could anyone help to be right approach to fix this issue?


Best regards.

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Re: HP SIM cannot discover all MSCS cluster nodes.

Check, if you do NOT have "Clustering Information" as INACTIVE agent in [Control panel > HP Management Agents]. If it is listed as inactive , add it to active agents. Restart of snmp and hp management agetns is mandatory. Then, delete all nodes from SIM, and add them once again.