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HP SIM discovery using hosts file does not seem to work as expected all the time

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HP SIM discovery using hosts file does not seem to work as expected all the time

We are using HP SIM V7.2 on Windows 2K8 R2.

I did read the user's guide and i think i implemented it properly, but that's this post for too, double check.


We are monitornig many systems for different customers.

So we have different discoveries per customer because of credentials and such.

There are relatively many changes to IP adresses so manually keeping the discovery jobs up-to-date is time consuming and error prone. We are implementing a failover setup with 2 SIM servers making it even harder to sync.


So using our CMDB containing FQDN's and IP's i use queries to automatically create hosts files per customer and put them in the proper SIM folder: Systems Insight Manager\config\discovery\hosts

So the discovery content is always up-to-date.


In the 'options - discovery - manage hosts files' i do see the files: group-customer.txt

The contents of the files is like: IPaddress FQDN shortname e.g. node1.domain.local node1

I even have a few with lines starting with '#' because one of the 3 fields is empty so not a valid record.


Many of these files (also some with the '#' lines) and it's corresponding task results are in sync, but there are some where the contents of the file are out of sync (bigtime) with the task results.


In the discovery task there is only: $group-customer.txt

If the job is run (manualy started or the normal schedule) the task results do not contain all the nodes that are in the file. Like one of the files has ~60 lines but the task result only contains ~30.



- am i missing something in my setup?

- besides the task results is there another place to check if the discovery task reads the whole hosts file to see if there is an error reading any of the lines?

- any other suggestions


Regards, Marcel

Marcel Rijsbergen