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HP SIM misreporting C-Class enclosure status

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HP SIM misreporting C-Class enclosure status

I have two C-Class enclosures, of which there seems to be constant errors reported in HP SIM. But connecting to the OA shows everything as in good working order.

- There have been blades reported as failed in HP SIM and VirtualConnect, but the OA shows all is fine.

- Some Blades do not show up in the HP SIM visual of the enclosure, but are in the device list.

- Constantly rediscovering the same blades in the same enclosure

- Alternating between messages of blade inaccesible / acccessible

- Warning messages or error messages on the enclosure, but nothing in the event list or any other indication of what the problem is or could be.

These are CClass enclosures with predominantly BL460c G1 / G5 units, one enclosure has two BL480c G1 units. As for updates:

- iLos are updated to 1.70.
- ROM versions I15 11/02/2008(BL460c G1), I23 11/02/2008(BL460c G5), I14 11/03/2008(BL 480c G1).
- OAs are version 2.32
- HP 4Gb VC-FC Module firmware; 1.30
- HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module firmware; 2.01 2008-12-08T17:49:25Z
- Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3020 for HP firmware; 122-46
- Brocade 4/24 SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem firmware; v6.2.0a
- HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager 3.4
- HP Insight Power Manager 1.40
- Systems Insight Manager 5.2 with SP2 - Windows

I would greatly appreciate any help in resolving this matter.

Thank you,

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Re: HP SIM misreporting C-Class enclosure status

Hi Aaron,

Just wanted to say that I'm experiencing the same symptoms with our 2 C-class chassis. Constant dicovery messages.

Out HP tech has already replaced the sleeves that the OA's sit in. We've also updated the firmware to the latest, but no joy.

He's escalated, but so far (3 days) there's been no word from HP.
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Re: HP SIM misreporting C-Class enclosure status

If you could keep this thread in mind when you do get it resolved, I would love to hear an update of the situation.