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HP SIM Self Monitoring - monitoring the monitoring

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HP SIM Self Monitoring - monitoring the monitoring

Can anyone help me understand what available solutions there are for this scenario, prefereably in-built to HP SIM itself. We will soon be deploying HP SIM to monitor a number of DL380/560 servers and all notifications will go via SNMP to an NMS, whilst the NMS is receiving SNMP notifications we can relaibly interpret that HP SIM is working ok, i.e. polling the server agents/iLO and forwarding issues via SNMP, but what about the scenario where we at the NMS we have not received any notifications for 30 minutes - is this because the monitored servers are behaving themselves (no traps to send) or is it that HP SIM has died?


My initial thoughts would be that you could configure HP SIM to send a regular "I'm alive heartbeat" message but I have not been able to read anything on this or indeed any other solutions to this issue.



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Re: HP SIM Self Monitoring - monitoring the monitoring



You could do a check for the port 50000, if that responds you got a hint that SIM is up.


We run a https://simserver:50000 check and see if the page contains the words Insight Manager and run this check every 15 minutes.

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