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HP SIM v5.2 SP2

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HP SIM v5.2 SP2

I'm having some troubles having HP SIM properly display our CClass enclosures.

It constantly displays 'major warning', though gives no explanation, shows nothing in the even viewer, and if I go to the onboard administrator of the enclosure, it lists no warnings or events either.

The enclosures are also constantly 'discovering' the blades. This is less a problem as much as a nussance. Some blades do not show up at all as existing in HP SIM, but the onboard administrator recognizes them just fine.

I would like and expect everything to be monitored and be able to trust what HP SIM tells me is the case.

I'm running HP SIM v5.2 SP2
The two CClass enclosures contain only BL460c G1 / G5 half blades, and BL480c full blades.
All iLos are updated to v1.70.
The system roms are updated to the latest using the blade firmware pack 1.41 via virtual media.

I know I've said a mouthful here, but any help is greatly appreciated.