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HP SIM v7.4 SNMP or WBEM ?

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HP SIM v7.4 SNMP or WBEM ?

Hi People,


I've just setup new HP SIM v7.4 for my new company (client) and in this same physical server, there are another 3rd party software which is using SNMP as well to poll & scan the printers in the network.


So my questions:


1. Can I use HP SIM without SNMP but with WBEM ? Do I need to install the WBEM agent in all HP Servers ?

2. If it is using SNMP by default, does HP SIM can intelligently parse which SNMP response belongs to 3rd party printer and which SNMP is for HP servers ?


My goal is to be able to scan the entire subnet of HP servers (Prolian Blades and Racks) and EVA Storage while minimizing manual configuration in each of the servers or storage array.


Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
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Re: HP SIM v7.4 SNMP or WBEM ?

Hello again,


You can use WBEM for Windows servers and ESX 5.x. But Linux ILO's and switches use SNMP so for your servers yes you can but for some Operating Systems and hardware you can't.


So if you install the WBEM agent you need to switch the datasource under setting in the SMH. You also need an account to configure SIm to be able to read the WBEM information. An admin account is handy to push these settings, you can configure a non admin to do the actual identification and datacollection. The non admin option is a repair option in SIM.


Does the SNMP 3th party tool need to send traps ? If you don't you can keep using SNMP, but no you can't parse the traps to either SIM or the 3th party tool.

Kind regards,