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HP SIM Web Page to HP-UX SMH

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HP SIM Web Page to HP-UX SMH

I have my HP-UX systems setup with certificates so I can access the SMH directly from

SIM, either via the CMS or via the web application. When I use the Web application

it workes with the IP address of the host in the SMH web address, but not with the

DNS entry in the client's  network. One of the CMS consistently uses the IP address

and works, the other one keeps putting in the DNS resolved FQ DNS name and fails.

Where are these settings? are they on the Windows OS for the CMS or in SIM




P.S. This thread has been moved from Insight Remote Support > general to HP SIM - HP Forums Moderator


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Re: HP SIM Web Page to HP-UX SMH



As this appears to be a post on HP SIM functionality not directly related to Insight Remote Support, I would recommend re-posting this question in the SIM/SMH forum on the board.


Please reply to this post if I have misunderstood the question.





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