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HP SUM - Managing multiple machines

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HP SUM - Managing multiple machines

I understand HP SUM is replacing HP VCRM/VCAs.
It was so much nicer in System Insight Manager with VCRM/VCAs to manage and view statuses of multiple machines without having to continually re-input information to the software.


In HP SUM everytime I launch it it clears out my baseline, nodes, and node groups. How can I retain settings so I can simply launch HP SUM to view the status of a system or update?


Thank you in advance!


Re: HP SUM - Managing multiple machines



just look at this general documenatation library

In particular on page 18 ff. "Changing the hpsum.ini file" should explain what vou need.

HP Smart Update Manager User Guide

My first experiences with HPSUM are not really good, but with HPSUM you are able to update drivers for vSphere online.

Under Linux mostly working fine, under windows not really good if not using the administrator account (UAC) (must be equal on both remote and local server)

I am missing VCA/VCRM.

With this tools i can have a quick view to the server firmware/driver status over the smh without the need to start a separate tool. 

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Re: HP SUM - Managing multiple machines

You don't need to have the VCRM for seeing the installed software. The datacollection collects/does that for you and you can report from the report fuction in SIM.

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