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HPSIM integration with BEM

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HPSIM integration with BEM



We are planning to integrate HPSIM, to send the alerts as snmp traps to BEM. Can someone please guide me with the procedure of achieving this?


Thanks in advance.




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Re: HPSIM integration with BEM

Hi Sara - that is not as simple of a question as it sounds. You'll have to check with BMC - the last I heard is the only provision BMC provides is for Patrol.


Two methods, the 2nd I use a lot but both used quite a bit in 3rd Party Managers


  1. You can use the HP MIB kit from downloads and there you'll find the mib kit to down load that will enable you to at least received the snmp traps in BEM.
  2. Use an Event Culling Agent or Adapter - have SIM write events to the Windows log on the CMS and then cull the logs for the events. This is probably the most popular option for a lot of NOC's since we can make a custom log view in Windows.


You might check the BMC Communities, just did a quick Google and a lot of stuff came up.

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Re: HPSIM integration with BEM

HP SIM to BEM/BPPM integration is possible....

Can anyone list down the procedure to achieve this or share any related link/document?