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HPSIM not discovering linked c7000 chassis

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HPSIM not discovering linked c7000 chassis

Hi All,

I am pulling my hair out today trying to work out why HPSIM will only see one enclosure in a stack of 3. We have 3x c7000 Chassis, running FW 2.52. These are all linked together.

Upon Discovery, HPSIM Identifies all three OA's but then only add 1 enclosure to its enclosure inventory.

The only information we have on the stack is that of the enclosure (ie: rack, vc's, power). Servers from the other 2 enclosure are not linked to an enclosure & the OAs appear as their own separate entities.

Of course, we would like all three enclosures to be visible.

Troubleshooting has included deleting all the rack & enclosure information & rediscovering, confirming credentials & restarting the HPSIM server. Confirmed all Management agents were enabled (including rack info agent)

It is also worth noting that the discovery process on the OA has output that is identical, so I cannot tell what is going wrong.

Is this a limitation of Stacked enclosures that only the "Primary active" OA will report it's enclosure info.
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Re: HPSIM not discovering linked c7000 chassis

Have had a HP Field Engineer here most of the day, and now have all 3 chassis appearing in HPSIM and identified as linked.

Probably the 2 major things that have occurred was updating all OAs to be the same firmware revision and Enabling Enclosure IP Mode on all OA TCP/IP Settings.