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ILO mac address report is showing all interfaces SIM 7.05

Occasional Contributor

ILO mac address report is showing all interfaces SIM 7.05

Hi all, I'm running a report follwing the steps attached to determine the mac addresses of the ILO's in my estate. Instead of 1 result per machine in the report, I'm seeing all interfaces per machine, I've tried running the report at the ILO collection and see the same issue. Any assistance appreciated. 

Steps I'm following:

SQL query output if helpful:

 select R_NetworkInterface.DeviceName, R_NetworkInterface.Description, R_NetworkInterface.MacAddress, R_NetworkInterface.IPAddress, R_NetworkInterface.InterfaceName from R_NetworkInterface WHERE ((R_NetworkInterface.SnapShotID=-1) OR (R_NetworkInterface.SnapShotID is NULL)) AND DeviceKey in (select devices.deviceKey from devices LEFT OUTER JOIN DB_deviceInfoEx ON devices.deviceKey = DB_deviceInfoEx.deviceKey LEFT OUTER JOIN IPAddress ON devices.deviceKey = IPAddress.deviceKey and IPAddress.ipIndex = 0 LEFT OUTER JOIN associated_device_data ON devices.deviceKey = associated_device_data.deviceKey LEFT OUTER JOIN deviceProtocolInfo ON devices.deviceKey = deviceProtocolInfo.deviceKey LEFT OUTER JOIN simAggrStatus ON devices.deviceKey = simAggrStatus.deviceKey LEFT OUTER JOIN DeviceStatusValue ON devices.deviceKey = DeviceStatusValue.deviceKey and DeviceStatusValue.StatusSourceId= 6 JOIN consolidatedNodeAuths ON devices.mxGuid = consolidatedNodeAuths.NodeId and consolidatedNodeAuths.userID = '0000005056897fc60000000400000026' WHERE ( ( devices.productType = 12) ) ) order by R_NetworkInterface.DeviceName ASC