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ILO SSO no go


ILO SSO no go

Hi all


I have a new installation of SIM 6.33 and I am trying to enable Single SIgn-on for ILO3 on ProLiant BL460c blades. I click on the Integrated Lights-Out 3 management processor object in SIM and select Options|Security|Credentials|System Credentials. I click on "Edit System Credentials" and then the "Single Sign On" tab. I select "Trust by certificate" and then "Use the following credentials for all systems", enter the username and password (twice) of a local ILO user with administrator access and click OK.


In the SIM Task Results page I can see the following information for the "System Credentials" task which shows "Complete":

Set Trust relationship to "Trust by Certificate" ................... [SUCCESS]

Re-identifying system to get updated information ...


However, when I click on the "Integrated Lights-Out 3 (iLO 3)" link on the management processor page in SIM, it opens the login page with the message "Login Delayed for 10 seconds" indicating a login failure. Once this message clears nothing else happens. If I manually login with the same credentials and go to Administration|Security|HP SIM SSO I can see that Single Sign-On trust mode is set to "Trust by certificate" and the certificate of my CMS is listed.


What am I doing wrong here?






UPDATE: it works fine on the ILO3 in my CMS which is a DL360 G7...

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Re: ILO SSO no go

That is odd. What firmware version are the iLO3 cards in the blades?

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Re: ILO SSO no go

Using ILO3 firmware v1.25 on the blade servers and also the DL360 G7.