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Insight Manager vs MIB

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Insight Manager vs MIB


I would like to add a thermomether into insight.

I have the MIB but i would like to know how to associate this MIB to the IP thermomether.
I already add the file into the MIB folder into the insight server. I remane it with an MIB extention.

I suppose this will allow me to read get the information of this thermomether and send alert .... That what i'm looking for...

Thank in advance for your help.

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Re: Insight Manager vs MIB

The MIB needs to be loaded into HPSIM. You need to look at the mcompile and mxmib commands (try googling them).

Once done the device itself needs to be configured to send SNMP Traps to HPSIM.
It'll need it's own IP Address so that HP SIM can see it.