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Installation of HP Insight Management 7 fails with "file not found errors"

Occasional Contributor

Installation of HP Insight Management 7 fails with "file not found errors"

Hi all,


I'm currently going through the installation of HP Insight Management 7 on a purpose-built virtual server but the installation keeps failing with the following errors.  Firstly, during the HP SMH installation:


"Error -2146828235: File not found"


Then, in the WMI Mapper installation:


"Setup failed. Please refer to C:\HPIC\logs\<date>\ICM_<date>\wmimap.log


This file is there while the installation is running but it's a) empty and b) disappears after the installation fails.


All steps of the installation then say "Skipped", I assume because of the first 2 errors.


I've gone through the installation advisor and don't have any errors there other than WAIK not being installed - it doesn't need to be in my environment as I'm not installing the deployment components (the notes say the error can then be ignored).


The media is OK so I can't see why the installer would say file not found.  In addition, the error doesn't say what files aren't found so I can't check to see if the files are there.


One other forum post ( mentioned the same error but was never resolved, as far as I can tell.


I'm running Windows 2008 R2 x64, SQL Server 2008 R2 x64 on a remote server, all virtualised on top of vSphere 5.


Can anyone help?