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MSM760 monitored by HP SIM

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MSM760 monitored by HP SIM

I am trying to integrate the snmp traps for our msm760 wireless controller in HP SIM.  I have tried working with HP tech support and the tech said it cannot be accomplished.  Has anyone accomplished this and if so give me a few pointers?  Basically I only want to know when an AP drops off of the controller but more alerts would be appreciated.  Thanks



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Re: MSM760 monitored by HP SIM

You can integrate every device for which you have the MIB (including the trap definition).

There is a white paper called Compiling and customizing SNMP Mibs with HP System insight Manager

which can lead you trough the process. Not all information is current anymore but you get some hints.


If you like to display the device with the correct product name inside SIM you also need to play with system type definitions.


At least from the MSM760 quickspec your device should support SNMP.


For a quick test you can enable unregistered events inside HP SIM

and setup your MSM760 to forward the traps to the SIM server.

If your device GUI does not include a test trap functionality, you can try to enable authentification error traps.

Logout from the GUI and login with no valid user and password.

You should see a trap for the device inside SIM.

If this or a test trap will  work you should be to integrate the rest off the traps as sson you found the correct MIB file for the device including the trap definitions.


Have fun