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Only uuid appearing in HPSIM


Only uuid appearing in HPSIM

Hi Guys,

I am a newbie in managing HPSIM server so would appreciate your help on this.

We have HP SIM 7.5 in our env., I noticed lots of server records only as uuid in the HPSIM.

So basically server records in the form 34373134-3835-4753-4837-33383946394C does not make sense and does not contribute to hardware monitoring,  my concern is why does HPSIM discovers some servers as uuid only which is garbage data instead of proper server record and how do i prevent it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Valued Contributor

Re: Only uuid appearing in HPSIM

Are you discovering gen6 and below with ilo first?

I usually see UUID for servers when you discover ilo2 first.

Make sure the proper agents are installed on the host and is configured for either snmp/wbem.

If gen8+, make sure the ilo4 is setup with agentless /snmp community string and the server have the AMS installed.

If SIM sees a server with the same uuid during a  proper discovery it will merge the two nodes together.