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Problems in VCRM after upgrading to

Super Advisor

Problems in VCRM after upgrading to

We had VCRM running before but had problems in SIM with software version collection, and we upgraded to after which we have run into some serious problems with stability.

The VCRM now needs to be restarted twice per day to just stay alive and respond to clients, if left running for longer period of time the following message will be logged in VCRM log:

Severity Error
Date / Time 4/23/2009 2:59:05 AM
Message Failed request.
Additional Data
Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

In Windows at least the "not enough storage" usually means that some memory buffer has been filled up and it seems to be the same here, since restarting the service will make it start running again, i.e. clearing the memory buffer.

Anyone know what can be done except restarting the service, since it takes quite long time to come online again (well ok, the service starts fast, but the catalog validation takes some 30 minutes, and this is still a DL585 with 4 dual-core CPU's so I would have hoped for a little faster indexing since the data was already there before service was stopped).