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Question about Pegasus WMI Mapper Services

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Question about Pegasus WMI Mapper Services



We have two HP SIM Servers:


 - SIM 1 in DMZ (Version 6.3)

 - SIM 2 in "normal" Domain (Version 7.1) --> has also Command View EVA Software installed


On the SIM 2 Server both Pegasus Services are stopped, and when I start them they stop at the same time with the message "...started and then stopped. Some services stop autom. if they are not in use by other services or programs".

That's clear for me why they are stopped immediately --> because they are not used.



On SIM 1 both Pegasus Services are allways started...

Is this new with HP SIM 7, that they are only started if they're used, or is it possible that we have a problem on the SIM 2 Server?


I didn't find anything about that in the release notes so that's why I'm a bit uncertain...

Since we don't manage ESXi Hosts on SIM 2 Server, I cannot say if anything isn't working as expected...




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Re: Question about Pegasus WMI Mapper Services

They should be started on version 6.3 also. Check that there isn't;'t another SMI-S of CIM provider on the servers that's using the TCP/UDP ports that the Pegasus services try to use. In think it's port 5989 by default so check nothing else is using that port and if not, check the service logs for more detail.

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