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"dash (-)" not allowed in (email)-domain

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"dash (-)" not allowed in (email)-domain



i got the problem with one of my customers . When i try to add an email adress - which is in this case it tells me that it is invalid. I have to remove the dash in the domain name. But a dash is bind conform and should be recognized as valid.


Is there any workaround for this issue as the email adapter also uses this email adress. So the customer doesnt get email notification at all.


thanks for you help




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Re: "dash (-)" not allowed in (email)-domain

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Re: "dash (-)" not allowed in (email)-domain

What version of HP SIM are you using?  And where are you trying to add the email address?


I tried replicating your problem, but don't seem to have any issues adding an email address with a hyphen in the domain name in the automatic event handling or contacts. I'm using using 7.1, btw.

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