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Remote Server Software Installation?


Remote Server Software Installation?


Not much of a HP SIM person, so go easy on me.

We have a HP Insight manager installed on one of the servers. Now we need the contract and warranty information to be collected.
I read a few posts and realize that I need to installed the RSSWM to achieve this.
I see a folder for RSSWM under prog files/HP/CM but can't understand how to start this.
My questions here
1) Where can I download RSSWM and install it?

I found quite a number of procedures where it talks about configuration and initialization, but no where how to download and install it.

Thanks in Advance
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Re: Remote Server Software Installation?

Hi phr00zen,
Two ways to install RSSWM and its IRS packages:
1. RSSWM is built in the HP-SIM kit. Start the SIM installation kit and select the remote support kit.
2. Install SIM without remote support. Get the IRS kit from
and install it. All neccessary IRS packages are included in this kit. This shortens its installation time.

Regards, Werner

Re: Remote Server Software Installation?

Thanks a lot..
so i took your second option and downloaded the IRS Advanced and will do the install.

thanks once again