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Repeated "System is unreachable" events logs

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Repeated "System is unreachable" events logs

I've recently installed and configured HP SIM 7.2 and all is working well apart from 1 server that is constantly reporting as being unreachable on 1 hardware poll to being reachable on the next poll.  All other servers/switches/printers are reporting fine it's just this 1 server that is giving me the headache.


The server at fault is a Windows Server 2012 standard edition running on a 2008 R2 Hyper-V cluster running at a remote site.  The Hyper-V host is reporting as healthy, all other virtual machines running on the host are reporting as healthy (they're all 2008 R2 hosts) and the network switches at the remote site are all reporting as healthy.

I've ran continuous pings from the SIM server to the problem server and there is no packet drop, the system just keeps switching between reachable and non reachable.

Any ideas??

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Re: Repeated "System is unreachable" events logs

I have finally got to the bottom of this problem.  It turned out to be a network connectivity issue.  The server is running MS 2012 Direct Access and has IPv6 enabled.  Depending on which Hyper-V host it was running on the server would show a duplicate IPv6 address at an ipconfig /all prompt.  This in turn caused occasional DA access problem but IPv4 pings still worked fine.


We couldn't get to the bottom of the IPv6 duplicate issue to moved the server across onto a different MS virtual network in Hyper-V, it was still connected to the same switch infrastructure with all the same IP settings but not more duplicate address problem and now HP SIM reports the connectivity correctly.