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Report of specific server events by date


Report of specific server events by date

Hello Forum people ! 

I guess I'm missing something but:

I'm trying to get an event report of a spesific server in a  specific date.

I can't find the suitable option , can you please assist?

Thanks in advance !!!  

Honored Contributor

Re: Report of specific server events by date

I've tried to create a report, that worked but i can't make SIM to mail it to me. This is what you wanted right ?

You can select a server or set and then when you normaly select node and stuff at the bottom you can select Events. The disadvante to this that you need to run the while logged on to SIM.


The advanced Report keeps asking for the database crecentials but even if i give the correct info it keeps failing. When i look at the log i see the following : Logon Error: Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication

And the log is correct, i use an AD account for SQl authentication. Do you use a SQL account ?

Kind regards,